6 cold signs of the zodiac, which shun feelings

Some people tend to be cold and stingy on feelings. Many can even be blamed for heartlessness, composure and inability to have high feelings. In fact, these traits can be directly related to our zodiac sign.

So, here are 6 zodiac signs that are stingy with feelings.


Sagittarius can be wonderful people, but at the same time they can be extremely self-centered. They are much more concerned with what is happening in their fabulous life than with what is happening even with their loved ones.

At the same time, they are not very willing to listen to others;


Cancers will be shocked to learn that sometimes they give the impression of very cold-blooded personalities. The fact is that representatives of this sign are at risk to cool down if they face treachery or someone break their heart. They will be closed in themselves for the purpose of self-preservation.

Meanwhile, turning off emotions just because you are afraid of getting injured is probably not the healthiest way to solve a problem.


Aquarians are known for their impassivity and coldness. The point is not that they are not sensitive or that they have no emotions, but that they lack the ability to sympathize. They feel very embarrassed when someone starts pouring out their emotions to them. They do not want to hear the details of painful situations.

As a result, Aquarius feels safe when they are emotionally closed off from other people. They prefer not to share their emotions, so as not to be vulnerable.


As soon as you deceive the representative of this sign or betray him - do not wait for mercy. The first thing they do is become very cold towards you. Lack of emotion allows them to plan and carry out their revenge. Scorpions can be manipulative, and composure allows them to detect your weaknesses and use them against you.

Scorpions have their skeletons in the closet, like everyone else, but because of their composure, no one can detect it.


Representatives of this sign are smart and cool. Virgos like to control everything, including their emotions. When they put aside their emotions and it is much easier to create a rational and well-thought-out plan for anything.

Virgos can climb into their own heads to such an extent that they almost completely forget about their emotions. When they want revenge, they make it quiet and cold.


It is the absence of compromise and concessions that can make the representatives of this zodiac sign cool. They refuse to accept the point of view of another person. Taurus rather stubborn and will not back down from their position.

If something or someone stands in their way to achieve the goal, Taurus will coolly fight them against obstacles.