How much you can get drunk, according to your zodiac sign


You are preparing to party with your friends. Your hair is styled, makeup is applied, and you put on your favorite outfit and, perhaps, the most comfortable pair of heels.

The music plays in the background when drinks are in motion, and you don’t know what the night can make for you. New novels? Funny stories that you will remember for many years, or maybe they will not be remembered at all tomorrow morning. The possibilities are endless.

But there are a few things you know: you and your friends are likely to drink too much.

Someone will lose his wallet, someone will break the phone, and someone will probably spill more alcohol than he drinks.

At least one of you will spend the night flirting with the guys and maybe even leave with a new phone number or two, and someone will definitely cry before the night ends.

There are many things that can create or destroy a good night. It depends on who you are with and what you drink that night. Perhaps it depends on whether you need to get up early for work the next day.

Want to know how much you can get drunk based on your zodiac sign? Read on to find out.


Aries has some of the most desirable traits: courage, determination, passion and a thirst for competition. But when alcohol is involved, for example, vodka, this can lead to a little aggression.


Nothing can crush Taurus, alcohol only continues to have a positive effect on you.

Even if your friends don't seem to be in the best mood, you can get them out of any funk they can be that night.

Your sweet drinks match your sweet personality, and you will dance on the dance floor all night long, sing and have a good time.


The twins are so sociable and live for fiery nights with friends, but the fact is that once they get to the drinks, they will not stop!


At parties you are very emotional, and no one is holding you back, but this can be a problem when you start drinking.

You see the cutest little puppy on the way to the bar, and suddenly you are crying on the sidewalk while the puppy licks your tears.

You just can not hold back your emotions. Happy, insane or sad, if you have alcohol in your body, chances are high that you will cry before the night ends.

a lion

You are a passionate person, and this affects your nights. But what exactly are you passionate about? Of course, flirt. A little flirting never hurts anyone, and you always for this idea. You flirt with everyone.

The bouncer, the bartender, friends, strangers, all, of course, quite innocent. But you like to see how far it goes.

You are always ready for a little adventure, and although you don’t need “liquid courage,” it always helps.


You pay attention to the little things, because you know that it is of great importance. That's why you are a professional in drunken flirting.

You are not too revealing about this, you know that all you need to do is wink or twist your hair at the right moment.


You hate loneliness, so you live in parties. There is nothing better than being in a bar with your closest friends, and then with someone else.

And although you are a super social person, you are also prone to natural flirtation, which only intensifies when you are drunk.


On a typical day, Scorpio can be found somewhere between calm and quiet, or passionate and assertive.

Therefore, when you are drunk, you never know what you will get. It all depends on who you are with, where you are, what you drink and how drunk you are.


You have a great sense of humor to make people laugh. Everyone should strive to be surrounded by Sagittarius for the night.

You are the first who took the microphone to sing in karaoke.


You are a master of self-control, but when you are drunk, self-control does not work. You do not want to be emotionally drunk, but it is so easy to let little things get to you, especially at night when your “guard” is weak.

That is why you should always go out with your best friends. They not only know how to deal with you, but also help to put you in order.


You tend to be shy and withdrawn, but when you have a drink in your hand, beware. You go out of your shell and impress everyone you meet.

You have a sweet, charming and funny mix that has always been inside of you, but sometimes you need to get drunk to get her out.


You are friendly, so when you are drunk you are very friendly.

You can be found in the bathroom for girls, helping ladies with makeup and hair. Or maybe you can be found in the bar where you buy drinks with those you met five minutes ago.

There is a smile on your face, and it lasts until tomorrow morning, when you wake up and face the consequences of your drunken night.