Caps in the past: 5 stylish accessories that do not spoil the styling

Not only a hat can decorate your head in winter. Of course, it is worthwhile to pay attention primarily to heat, but there are things that can make your bundle truly refined and interesting - no worse than those of fashion bloggers. We have collected for you the best accessories for the head, which will replace your hat.


Another unusual fashion accessory, which also does not allow you to catch a cold. By the way, he has a lot of use cases. You can wear it in the usual way, and try to make him some hairstyle following the example of what you did in the summer with lighter options.
Shawl Pieces,


A headdress that looks like a newspaperer's cap (which is sometimes called that), has literally gained crazy popularity lately. And not without reason, because its zest is also in spontaneity, and also in the contrast that it serves.
River Island Capes,.


Palatine - just a magical thing. As only you do not use it! As a cap, you can, too, throwing it over your head. It looks very stylish, and a lot of tying options. And it’s just practical - taking a tippet with you will protect your neck and head from the cold, and even in a cold office you’ll throw it around your neck.
Scarf Venera, 850 rubles.


Are you a fan of French chic and the very elegant spontaneity that French women are promoting? You have a great opportunity to easily and simply fit this beautiful style into your own images, adding just one detail - it takes. Usually they wear it with a coat, but you can try a more non-standard version: for example, with a down jacket.
Beret United Colors of Benetton, 999 rub.


Perhaps the most feminine accessory for the head that you can imagine. Bright prints and deep shades will make you brighter and more interesting, but at the same time you will not freeze, because such a scarf is even warmer than some caps. Why freeze if you can warm up nicely?
Palatine Venera,.