13 things about men that they desperately want women to understand


When it seems to you that you know everything about men, it is not so. Yes, you already have experience in the background, women's wisdom is what helps you to better understand the opposite sex. But many things about men are made up of stereotypes that have long been outdated.

Here are 13 situations in which men feel completely different from what you imagine. They want you to finally understand these things:

1. No matter how hard it is for men to pretend, many of them are very emotional.

Despite the fact that men can pretend to be cool, many of them are very emotional and sensitive.

2. Men don't like it either, when they generalize them all.

Men do not endure any generalizations with each other - just like women.

3. Men need the same emotional support as women.

Men do not have a female "support system" when they are sad. The same one that we have, women, when we can cry to a close friend. Men are the stronger sex, so for centuries the society expects from them that they will be courageous or at least pretend that this is so.

4. Men also want to receive compliments.

Yes exactly. They like it when we women celebrate their spectacular appearance or some other features.

5. Men do not understand the hints.

So, ladies, simply and directly tell them what is wrong in your relationship.

6. Men mean exactly what they are talking about.

No more, no less. Of course, we are not talking about lies or the desire to hide something. Overwhelmingly, masculine words mean what they mean.

7. Sometimes men just want the woman to take the first step.

8. When a man says that he is not thinking about anything, this is exactly

If your partner says in response to your question that he is not thinking about anything, this does not mean that he is hiding something that heinous: he really does not think about anything.

9. Men can not be as good as women.

When it comes to raising children.

10. Men may also be unsure of themselves.

11. If a man says nothing bothers him, stop asking him what bothers him

12. Men sometimes need to be alone

And this has nothing to do with you - the woman he loves.

13. No need to be so cruel, rejecting a man

Men and so gets to the full in this world, when you have to compete in business and society. And if you don’t give him a chance to be with you, then try to announce it less harshly.