5 situations when a woman, unwittingly, cheating on a man

There are situations in life when it seems that you are not doing anything forbidden and crossing the border, but, in fact, you have to be on your guard, because before the betrayal there was not even a step, but the floor of the little shazhochka.

1. Correspondence in social networks

“It's all just the internet,” you say. But such innocent correspondence usually hides the exchange of photos, compliments, flirting and even virtual sex. And even if you do not take it seriously, because you have not even seen a person on the other side of the screen, for your man this may be a good reason to suspect you of treason.

2. Flirt with a colleague

He is just a nice colleague with whom you chat nicely, go out together for lunch, flirt and help each other out. Very often, it is just such a meaningless friendship that develops into a service romance. Think well if you need this.

3. Communication with an ex-boyfriend

Everyone has long known truth - friendship with the former guy does not happen. Even if all your feelings for him finally and irrevocably faded away, often, the former spark flashes again, especially since you have so many memories and happy moments of the past. Therefore, it is better to stop such communication in the bud and leave the former in the former category.

4. Excessive friendship with his best friend.

Of course, it's great when you know how to join the company and become “your boyfriend” for his friends. But do not overdo it and do not create too close ties. As you know, men are men, they can forget that you are a foreign woman, and unleash you on an affair.

5. One night partner

You can meet him in a nightclub, restaurant or a noisy group of friends. Most likely, he will be the most cheerful, reckless guy who will offer you to hang out and forget about problems and concerns for a while. This proposal is so tempting, because you practically do not know it and will part with it as soon as the chains of fun and drive fall off. And it doesn't matter if you will just dance with him all night long or you will end up in his bed, remember that this is the most unfaithful thing, and try not to let it happen.