5 reasons why a no-love affair can disappoint you

Today, the format of relationships that society prefers is in many ways different from the traditional ideas about relationships. The family was replaced by a relationship without commitment, when people are together only to meet their own needs - sexual, social and others. But why a romance without commitment is not as good as you think?

No guarantees

By entering into such a relationship, you are not protected by anything. It would seem, from what you need to be protected?
In fact, there are quite a few options. You can face all sorts of troubles, including thanks to your partner, get sick or become pregnant. Many will say that no one owes you anything, but this is not entirely true. Very many problems depend on who is next to you. And it is precisely this problem that official relations can solve.

Marriage is needed for confidence

Anyway, and our society is very demanding on what position in society you occupy. You can try to distance yourself from this for as long as you want, but you will not feel completely self-confident if you do not have a specific relationship status that no one can dispute.

Formal relations will save from competition

A married man does not cause any illusions. Everything is clear with him at once - he is busy and will not enter into a relationship. But if a man seems to be a woman, but it seems not, there are so many options that he himself will be able to have an affair on the side, and this also will not stop women.

Confidence in the future

You can try as much as you like to convince yourself that all this is not important for you. However, for every woman it is important to realize that her romance will sooner or later lead to some kind of result. And in the case of official relations, the chances for this are much greater. A novel without commitment is good for those who are looking for fleeting entertainment, but not for those who really love each other.