19 touching little things that you tie a man even stronger

Of course, you say to your man the three treasured words "I love you." Of course, you show your loyalty to him, tenderness and care. But there are such cute little things that will leave great joy in the heart of your chosen one.

Here are 19 charming things that will make you in the eyes of a man the most desirable and the one to which he wants to return every evening.

1. Try not to sleep at night to talk with each other. If your man is going through a difficult period in his career, support him with a confidential conversation at night.

2. Be interested in what your man enjoys. Try at least a little to figure it out.

3. Write him a nice and short note. Put your message in his pocket or diary. He will be pleasantly surprised.

4. Gently kiss the man in the morning on the forehead.

5. Do with it some crafts. It is necessary for the manifestation of sentimentality among themselves.

6. Make a man a massage. But do not make him as a prelude to intimacy, but just like that - to relax his back if she hurts after a long working day.

7. Build together with a man a hut of chairs and clothes. Then climb there, cuddle and watch movies in it.

8. Cook for dinner his favorite dish.

9. Wake up your man in the morning with kisses.

10. If you are in the cinema, then “accidentally” get lost for 10 minutes.

11. Before kissing, gently hold his head with your hands.

12. Send quotes to your man. Or snippets of video from films that remind you of each other.

13. Take care of a man when he is sick. Take care so that he sees - you are not afraid to get infected with the virus itself.

14. Drop everything. When he suddenly says that he needed something very urgently from you.

15. Tell your man more often that he cares about you so much. And that for you this concern is very important.

16. Ask about how things are going with him at work, what is happening there. But at the same time, leave the man enough freedom and maneuver so that he can live his own life without feeling obliged to someone.

17. Put on his clothes.

18. Speak well about people. And not only about those that are important to your man or mean something to him.

19. Make sure that the man feels that you love him. Make sure that the man feels that he has you. The one that will always be next to him at the end of the working day.