9 amazing secrets that men tell their buddies (but not their wives)

Yes, very often men tell women what they want to hear. After all, the truth is not always pleasant, and men do not want to spoil relations with their women and choose to hide the truth from them.

Here are nine things about which men tell their friends, but do not tell their half.

Men constantly think about sex

Men love sex, love variety. Men love women who love sex, enjoy variety, and are active partners in sex.

A man is unlikely to be tuned to romance if a woman scolds him

If you want to cuddle and kiss, do not start a quarrel due to the fact that the man did not raise the toilet seat or did not take out the garbage.

Men are passionate about women hating

In general, when men tell you that they do not like action films, motorcycles, sports, and firearms, for example, they lie so that they can make love to you.

Men do not like women's entertainment

They will do anything they want, just not to watch Bridget Jones's Diary with you. And if they look, it is only for the sake of sex.

Men lay only an hour a day on you

Men spend 8 hours on sleep, 10 hours on work, 2 hours on rest, 90 minutes on the gym, 90 minutes on food and clothes, and only one hour every day is left to spend time alone with you or with yourself.

Men are not going to warm your cold hands, legs and other body parts.

Men are not your personal heaters. You will have to warm your arms and legs yourself.

When women say they want to sit down and talk, men hear: “I’m mad”

When you say so, men know that there is not a pleasant conversation ahead of you, that you are definitely not going to discuss with them what they like, for example, sports. They get a signal that you are going to talk about what is bothering you.

Men hate dating because they have to lie

To lie is not fun. Meanwhile, on dates men often have to pretend. Women can not wait to discuss with a man Bridget Jones or the like. So the happiest day for a man comes when he no longer has to lie and pretend to have sex.

Men do not consider training as workouts unless they squeeze all the juice out of you.

Men do not want to hear how cool your yoga class is if you don’t even have makeup during them.