Accessories and shoes that we will wear in spring 2019

And London Fashion Week is known as one of the most eclectic and daring weeks of all. We paid attention to seven accessories, which the street-style heroines especially liked this season.

While some of these accessories won't surprise you (hello, snake-skin boots!), Others may seem a bit more unexpected (did anyone vote for white tights?). Be that as it may, all fashionable women are well aware that those accessories that appear on Fashion Weeks immediately become a trend. So it's time to take them all.

White tights

The trend is undoubtedly for the brave. Fashion bloggers wear white tights with sandals and a tame tamel.


Bulky headbands, as from childhood, are back in fashion - and this is triumphant. Now absolutely all fashion bloggers wear this hair accessory. Choose in bright colors and in tune with their outfits.

Mini bags

The trend for miniature bags continues to gain popularity. Now you just have to get used to carry with you only the necessary - keys, telephone and money.

Pearl Hairpins

Another trend that has come back to us from childhood is massive hairpins, clips. The most current and beautiful models are those that are decorated with pearls.

White boots

White shoes - whether it be ankle boots, Cossacks, harmonica boots or high boots - became the main must-have of the coming season.

Snake Print Shoes

Another hit of the season from the category of accessories is boots, ankle boots and shoes with a snake-skin pattern. In spite of its predatory color, such shoes fit absolutely everything - even to another animal print. Fashionable women wear snake-skinned shoes paired with midi skirts, with light-colored jeans, and classic trousers. In a word - with everything they want. Feel free to take an example from them.