10 things that most annoy men in women

If you want your faithful to start up with a half turn, but not from passion, but from wild irritation, be sure to do these 10 things.

1. Shopping

If you really love this business, then go shopping with your friends, not with your man. They, as you know, simply can not tolerate all these shopping centers and boutiques and, not only do they consider it a waste of time, then they also feel so tired after them, as if they were unloaded with coal.

2. Long talk heart to heart

Understand already, the man - not the company that the whole evening will listen to your complaints about life and wipe your tears. Too long conversations affect men exactly the opposite - they become annoyed, angry, and simply turn off the ear, mind and ability to speak.

3. Hourly stay in the bathroom

Men simply do not understand what can be done in the bathroom for several hours. And do not disclose all the secrets - let them get angry rather than learn that in fact your legs are smooth and gentle are not by nature.

4. Cleaning his belongings

Yes, yes, that pile of bolts, pieces of iron from the computer, and a pile of clothes under the chair he needs exactly in the form in which he left them. And let him absolutely no longer remember why he needed these magazines for 1998 - don’t try to shift them to another place or, God forbid, throw them out. Forgiveness you just will not.

5. Diet

As a rule, women who are on diets are also forced to eat their men. At least out of solidarity. Well, think for yourself, you eat only lettuce leaves for dinner, and he wraps chops with potatoes. Offensively? Therefore, you begin to ask to be with you on the same wavelength, and a man, as you know, will not be full of grass alone.

6. Provocation for jealousy

Do not do this, for it is not known how this can end. Yes, and the credibility of you from his side clearly fall.

7. Past relationships

It is common for women to inquire about former girls, and then get angry, be offended and jealous. Men are more rational in this regard - no stories about exams, the past is the past, and it's time for him to stay there.

8. Hints

With men it is necessary almost as with children - to explain everything clearly, clearly and according to the instructions. Because the hints, equivalents and workarounds they just do not understand. Their logic is so direct that it is useless to beg for a fur coat, telling with envy that your friend's husband has already made her such a wonderful gift. We must speak bluntly - it will be much more likely to get what you want.

9. The abundance of makeup

As the men themselves say, such women look like dolls. You can not touch, kiss, too, because everything is smeared and crumpled. Yes, and it looks such war paint is not cute, but vulgar and even vulgar.

10. fanatical future plans

Planning and thinking about what will happen is, of course, correct, but only when in moderation. And if the girl after the first date already thinks how many guests to invite to the wedding and how to name the unborn child, here it smacks of insanity. Do not even hesitate, the gentleman retires very soon.