8 signs of people who will always be poor

Often, poverty in people is in the head and nowhere else, penetrating into their lives and poisoning it. There are those who can get out of this state and change their destiny. And there are those who are so faithful to their habits of poverty that they are doomed to forever in this.

1. The state of the victim

Such people are in a permanent state of "I am a victim." They pity themselves in every way, accuse everyone and everything around that their life has not been successful, and are always dissatisfied with everyone. In part, this role is very convenient - I am poor, everything is bad for me, nobody helps me, therefore you should feel sorry for me. But it is precisely this state that does not allow one to take oneself in hands, change one’s life and go forward.

2. The pursuit of cheap

Remember the saying "Miserly pays twice"? So, that's about it. How often to save, we buy what is cheaper. And usually this thing turns out to be of poor quality, it quickly fails and does not justify its costs at all. You have to buy it again. It is much wiser to put out a large amount once, but to purchase a high-quality purchase that will serve you for a long time.

3. Spending on flashy chic

A flashy chic is an expensive phone, clothes, shoes, and a car. In general, all that is fashionable and relevant, but it costs so much that it absolutely does not justify its price. All these things are bought mainly in order to throw dust in the eyes of others and emphasize their status, which is not really there.

4. Credits and debts

The basic rule of rich people is to never get into debt. Loans in our country - it is, in general, just voluntary serfdom. Never try to borrow money from anyone, because one debt gives rise to a second, third, and so on.

5. Excessive savings

Sometimes savings can reach painful fanaticism. For example, the maximum reduction in the waste of water and electricity, the rejection of modern hygiene items, etc. There are many examples of this. Firstly, you cannot save much by such extreme savings, and secondly, simply drive yourself into the strictest limits and make your life absolutely uncomfortable. Everything is good in moderation.

6. Wrong income distribution

The situation when receiving a salary is not uncommon, people first of all spend it on entertainment, unnecessary purchases and their own desires. And when there is almost no money left to remember, you still have to pay for utilities, apartment, loans, etc. Learn how to properly manage your income. First of all, pay all the bills, set aside a part for the expenses of the first need, well, and what’s left can be spent on your own wishes.

7. Waiting for someone to help you.

You are waiting for this from relatives, relatives, friends, husband, in the end. Never rely on anyone in financial matters. Rely on yourself. Even if your husband is an oil tycoon and provides you completely, always have a personal account, which only you know about, so that in the event of everything you don’t have anything left over.

8. You want to earn immediately and a lot

Forced to upset you, it happens only in scam. And in real life, in order to really start earning and making tangible profits, you need to work long and hard. Free cheese is only in mousetraps - remember this rule forever.