9 signs that your relationship does not mean anything to a man

Sometimes a woman, barely acquainted with a man, in her head instantly builds their life together - with the wedding, home, children and happy old age. But he does not even think about this, he just wanted to have some fun. So how do you understand that a man does not take you seriously, so as not to build castles in the air?

1. He does not take the initiative first.

Calls, messages, dates and meetings - all of this lies on your shoulders. A man never offers anything first and shows no initiative. Even all sorts of female tricks like the abyss for some time and do not make themselves known do not help and do not produce the desired result.

2. He speaks only about himself

All your communication is based on his stories about how good and wonderful he is. A man can describe his love feats, remember former girls, brag about salary or work. It is safe to call it a benefit. He does not remember about your modest nature and is in no hurry to be interested in the inner world.

3. He will send and joking below the belt

Usually, men who are committed to long-term relationships with a woman know that such jokes are not encouraging and offensive. If your friend is right and left, obscenely sharp and constantly reduces the conversation to vulgar topics, most likely, he perceives you simply as an object for a short-term hobby, without thinking about what can be unpleasant.

4. He pays only for himself

One of the most alarming bells when a man shares the bill and pays exclusively for himself. This is a complete demonstration of the fact that with you he is not going to have anything lasting, and even more so does not intend to spend his money on a temporary woman.

5. Your physical proximity is too hard

Here we have in mind the absence of caress, tenderness, foreplay and desire to guess and fulfill the needs of your partner. Everything happens almost spartan on his part: he did business, walk boldly. You can compare this closeness with the relationship with the call girl when she is needed solely for the sole need.

6. He does not listen to you. Quite

When you start to tell something about yourself, a man at this time hovers in the clouds or hangs with interest in his own phone. He does not remember important moments and dates for you, he constantly forgets everything and makes a surprised face when you ask him about something for the tenth time.

7. He is aggressive towards you

Often, men who are looking for a temporary woman are very complex and insecure. For them, the goal of such a relationship is to assert itself and prove to myself that ā€œIā€™m still hoo and can use a woman as I want.ā€ That is why these alpha males are so often aggressive, quick-tempered and too touchy.

8. He does not plan a joint future.

Your relationship seems to have slowed down at one point, with which you can not move. Yes, it seems, you meet, sleep together, walk by the handle, but it does not move further. Pay special attention in what way a man talks about the future. If he mentions only himself, then you definitely have no place in his life.

9. He flirts openly with other girls.

And all this is done on your eyes and without a shadow of shame. He actively comments on and discusses pretty girls, has many female friends, and makes no eye to beautiful ladies without a twinge of conscience. If so, then such a man clearly does not consider you as the only and unique woman in his life.