The most interesting and useful kitchen appliances that you did not know about

Every year, the modern market offers more and more kitchen appliances for every taste. And it doesn’t matter whether you are a professional chef or just cooking at home, each of these new products will surely capture your attention and will soon be in your kitchen. After all, what kind of hostess will refuse additional assistance in the cooking process.

"Aerosol" for vegetable oil

This device will help control the amount of oil that you spray into the pan or salad. It looks like a cooking spray, only you can control what is inside and create your own tastes.
Sprayer oil, 429 rubles.;


This device has several replaceable blades, with the help of which you can cut anything: from potatoes to onions and carrots. The measuring container will help you understand how much you have already cut; but it can be removed to shred immediately to the pan or bowl.

Vegetable cutter Nicer Dicer Plus, 590 rubles;

Grass mill

This is the same as the pepper grinder, but it was made specifically for chopping fresh herbs - rosemary, parsley, dill and sage. It does not compare with the taste of dry herbs from the bags.

Mill - grinder for greenery, 340 rubles;

Silicone Bowls

After you buy them and start using them, you will not be able to imagine cooking without them! Basically, they are convenient for making muffins and pancakes. Measuring marks inside the bowl will help you add the right amount of ingredients, and the fact that it can easily change shape will help you pour the mixture without using any spoons and ladles.

Silicone measuring cup, 300 rubles;

Board mounted over the sink

A bowl with holes is built into the board to help you wash and chop vegetables right above the sink. This is convenient for small kitchens, where there is almost no place to cook. Plus, it folds up and does not take up much storage space.

Chopping board, price on request,

Nozzle for draining water

Attach this device to the pot or bowl when emptying the water so that the contents do not spill out. Convenient for draining fat from minced meat or water from vegetables or pasta.
Universal drushlag, 290 rubles.;

Yolk extractor

If you are a fan of fitness and want to make an omelet only from proteins, or you just need to separate the yolk from the protein, as stated in the recipe - this is the device for you!

Separator for eggs, 590 rubles;

Bow holder

This device helps not only to hold the onion, but also has a knife cutter to cut it exactly. It also helps not to get your hands dirty.

Onion holder, 489 rubles;

Citrus Spray

Yes, it is possible to make a juice spray directly from lemon, or even grapefruit, orange, lime! Convenient for cooking fish, shrimp and salads. You can also use it to cover the juice of the avocado halves so that it does not blacken.

Spray for citrus, 275 rubles;