Why he doesn't love you based on his zodiac sign


Is there something more involved than being in love with someone and not making him fall in love with you? You may have consulted with your horoscope to figure out how to cope with this unrequited love, but failed.

You meet someone, and everything seems to be going well, but you are not experiencing the same emotions. You know that you are amazing, and you think that you both have some real chemistry, and you can see how the two of you overcome relationships.

Unfortunately, it seems that you are the only one with a star in the eyes and love in your heart, because the guy you fell in love with is not in the same space as you.

Sure, it's easy to see that he loves you, but it seems that this is more brotherly or friendly love, and not something more. When you started dating, you clearly stated your intentions: you wanted a strong relationship for the rest of your life, and he said that he wanted it too.

You know that he does not meet with anyone, so what’s the problem? Why doesn't he take steps to make your relationship permanent? Why didn't he fall in love with you?

Sometimes we need a little help in answering questions, and astrology is the answer. The keys to why he doesn't love you can be right in front of you, but you just can't see them. Stars can help by telling you what is the most likely cause (according to his zodiac sign) why he does not love you.


He has only bandwidth to really focus on himself. Starting to date someone would be too distracting. As soon as he reaches a certain progress in his career, which he needs, or completes the preparation for the marathon, he will be able to let someone (you) into his heart.


He had long ago decided that there is one and only one type of woman with whom he will fall in love. When you limit yourself in this way, it can be difficult to see what is right in front of you. Deep inside, he knows that you are the woman for him, but he needs time.


He does not think that he can love right now, because he is not sure that he is ready to devote himself to love. Gemini has a real problem with devotion, and they tend to hold love. So, if you were to some extent inaccessible, he would confess his love to you, but if there are no obstacles, he will try to keep from falling in love with you.


He cannot fall in love with you because he is in love with someone else - with his ex. Of course, they broke up some time ago, and both went further, but he is still obsessed with her and looks at their past relationship, as if it were the ideal relationship that ever existed. He needs to wake up and see that this relationship is over, and that you are the person to whom he should strive.

a lion

He is now overwhelmed with personal matters and thinks more about how everything looks on the surface, and not about how he actually feels. You know, when someone is good in appearance, but then you meet him again, and chemistry does not occur? Well, he is with other people. He does not allow to see the present itself.


Honestly, he is horrified at what you make him feel, so he looks for any flaws you may have, and then uses them as a way to stay away from you. As soon as he calms down and stops being so critical, he will understand that he is in love with you. You just need to go through this stage.


He is afraid to risk love, because he may suffer, and you can tell him about yourself what he is not ready to hear. In time, he will realize that he is worthy of love, and he will understand the full depth of the feelings that he has for you.


He thinks everything out two steps forward. He has already convinced himself that if he falls in love with you, you will leave him and he will remain empty. He needs to feel in control. He just needs to relax and stop trying to predict the future and just let the events “go with the flow”. Maybe he will be surprised, and what happens between you will be happiness and love.


He thinks love is tantamount to being bound by eternity, and he is not ready to give up his independent spirit. You must prove to him that love does not stifle or control. In fact, it can be a source of freedom. If he wants to travel, you may want to go or, if not, you will have no problems with him traveling alone or with friends.


He tries to be so busy with projects and work in such a way that he doesn't have to deal with his feelings (which he considers frightening). If he is just being honest with himself and stops running away from his emotions, he will be able to admit that he sees more in you than a friend or colleague.


He decided that, as he was alone, he would remain so. The reason why he is in an emotional breakdown is that he is afraid of getting injured. Since he is not the one who feels comfortable with negative emotions, he does not know what to do or how to express himself. Just show him love and have patience, and in the end, he must come to his senses.


He loves his friends and family very much, and he is not sure that he is ready to deceive you. He does not play, if he loves you, he wants you to be part of his family. This is not what he treats lightly. He needs to stop putting the needs of all others above his own and realize that he deserves to be happy.